Online casino games

Online casino games: a guide to live dealers

screenshotPlaying online casino games has become a popular pastime as this convenient form of entertainment provides players with their favourite titles right at their fingertips. Adding live dealers into the mix enhances the experience even further, as casino fans are treated to face-to-face card games, with all the thrills and suspense found in land-based establishments.

For those who are new to live dealers, this guide will run through what to expect from the games. It will also look at the advantages of choosing live casino dealers over other titles available online.

Live casino dealers and games

There are live dealers available for a number of different casino games, including Baccarat, Texas Hold'em Poker, Sic Bo and Roulette. During a game, there is a video stream allowing players to watch live dealers shuffle and deal cards, spin the roulette wheel or roll the Sic Bo dice. This happens in real-time, providing casino fans with suspense-filled excitement as they wait for results of the cards, wheel or dice.

The advantages of live dealers

There are a number of advantages to using live casino dealers over other online titles or visiting land-based establishments:

  • Convenient - live dealers allow gamers to enjoy all the thrills of the casino wherever and whenever they so desire. Rather than travelling to your nearest establishment and waiting in line for a table game, live casino dealers sites provide players with instant access to live dealer titles.
  • Enhanced online gaming - the inclusion of live dealers improves any online casino experience as players are treated to minute-by-minute action where they must eagerly await their results from the dealer.
  • Authentic casino experience - playing with live dealers like you're playing with a real person rather than a computer.

To help players pick the top places for live dealers, this site displays the best online casinos. We will also review each site and highlight any sign-up deals and offers that are currently available.