Why being on film shouldn't bother a live dealer

The Eye in the Sky

You may think that it could be slightly nerve-wracking for a dealer to perform live in front of the cameras, where any small mistake will be spotted by players. In fact, most dealers have to do their job on camera every day, as land-based casinos will usually install them throughout the building.

Nicknamed the Eye in the Sky, these cameras keep tabs on each table, although their purpose is nothing to do with monitoring the dealers. Rather, it is the players who are being watched, with security staff sat in a side room checking the footage for any illicit activity.

These include tricks such as card-counting at blackjack, which while not illegal is frowned upon by casinos. Past posting in roulette is another devious method employed by some players, who will attempt to lay down more money after the croupier has called 'no more bets'.

Of course, in live play the focus is very much on the dealer, but then it is much more difficult for players to cheat online. Roulette bets will be closed electronically, and any cheating involving looking at cards is not possible, ensuring a fair game for all.

Easy access to the best live dealers

At Live Dealers, we have collected details of many recognised betting sites that offer classic casino games in a live format.

In the past, while these games have been available online they have been largely electronic, leading some to question their fairness. Having a live dealer in place helps to remove such doubts, with many players attracted to the idea of a genuine casino atmosphere in their own home.