US blackjack payout change angers players

Twenty-one reward decreased

A US casino has caused controversy by shifting its odds of a player being dealt a blackjack so that they can pay out less.

The change, implemented by Cadillac Jack's in the city of Deadwood, South Dakota, will see players paid out at odds of 6-to-5 rather than 3-to-2 if they are dealt blackjack in a single-deck game. This would mean that a bet of $50 would return just $60 instead of $75 as it has been previously.

Casino bosses argue that this is to protect their interests after they applied to raise the maximum bet limit from $100 to $1,000, but Las Vegas casino games expert Stephen Gordon told the Rapid City Times: "[The casinos] just want to make every penny they can without giving the player a fair shake."

Cadillac Jack's does not currently offer single-deck blackjack, but had planned to if they could force through this new legislation. However, if this happens they must prominently display signs informing patrons of the payout change.

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