The key to being a top dealer

The skills of a top live dealer

If you ask a casino player about what makes the experience of placing wagers on a casino game truly authentic, it is likely most will respond with a comment about live dealers.

A live dealer is the difference between a good casino experience and a great one, with a number of ways a dealer can increase the player's enjoyment of their casino gaming. While knowledge of the rules and excellent mathematical skills are obviously essential, it is also important that a dealer is friendly and welcoming to a player. Whether someone is a high roller or just staking small amounts, they should be treated the same way by a casino dealer.

Interaction with players, assisting when someone is unsure of the rules and remaining professional at all times will ensure that a live dealer will help their players to have the best possible experience. Many players also prefer for actions to be clearly announced by a dealer, such as raises and folds. With these actions often being signalled by players non-verbally, it is important that their fellow betting fans are kept up to date with what is going on.

Find the top places to play with live dealers

Until recently, it was only possible to play with a live dealer in a land-based casino. However, internet players can now also enjoy this experience with a number of online casinos offering live dealers for their casino gaming action. The Live Dealers website shows players the very best of these gaming locations, as well as providing information on any special offers or promotions which can currently be claimed.

By using Live Dealers, you can rest assured that your online casino experience will be of the highest quality, transporting you to the glamour of Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home.