New Zealand casino rocked by dealer scandal

Jail possible for casino scam duo

Two people involved in a betting racket at Hamilton's SkyCity Casino in New Zealand are facing jail.

Xiao Dong Lu, 28, and Zhou Zhao, 32, were found guilty of deception, as the pair worked with Bo Du, a dealer at the casino who had been employed by SkyCity for six years. The casino was defrauded of at least $7000 by the scam, which worked by Du preventing the electronic cut-off for final bets by ensuring the ball was released early.

Du has already been sentenced, ordered to serve nine months home detention and pay reparation of $20,000 to the casino to make up for the losses incurred as a result of the scam. Dong Lu and Zhao had their sentencing delayed, after their lawyer failed to show up at court on the day they were due to learn their fate.

The Department of Internal Affairs was called in after the casino discovered irregularities with the rapid roulette game and a consistent pattern of losses, out of keeping with the usual luck enjoyed by players of this particular game.

Lu faces deportation to China as a result of their involvement in the scheme.

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