American casino players prefer live dealers

Next generation of casino dealers training in Maryland

Hundreds of potential casino dealers are being trained in the United States, as a Maryland casino offers free training for such games as Blackjack, Roulette and Craps.

It comes following a vote across the state, in which respondents overwhelmingly stated that they preferred casino play with a live dealer rather than automated machine systems. As a result of this, hundreds of jobs will be created as the next generation of dealers hit the casino floors, able to make up to $50,000 a year including tips.

Neal Sloane, vice president of table games at the casino said: "A lot of these people have never seen blackjack before. Some [had] never been in a casino. So it's all new, we teach them from scratch".

While many casinos across the United States are turning to machine dealers, this shows that many players prefer the unique wager experience that comes from a live dealer being present during the gameplay.

Live dealers provide online excitement

You don't have to go to the casino to enjoy live dealers excitement, with plenty of online casinos offering exciting live action, you can get a realistic casino thrill wherever you go.

Live Dealers will help you to find all the best places to play, saving you from the difficult task of searching through the numerous sources of live dealt games for the most enjoyable. You can also take advantage of the various special offers or promotions which may be on offer at that time.