Over 2000 potential dealers apply in Maryland

Thousands bid to become a casino dealer

A new casino opening in Maryland in the United States has seen thousands of people apply to become a dealer. At least 2000 applications have been received from those wishing to deal the cards and spin the wheels of the various classic casino titles which require the presence of a dealer, showing that the art of live dealing is here to stay.

Once the applications have been filtered down to the best candidates, a lengthy training process will ensue to get the next generation of dealers up to standard. It is estimated that a dealer will make up to $55,000 a year in America, an attractive proposition for anyone in the job market. This is why competition is so high, as well as the glamour of working in a casino environment.

Live dealers add to the atmosphere

The online casino has become massively popular in recent years, with ease of access one of the main reasons for the increased popularity. However, one feature missing from many online casino games is the presence of a live dealer.

The Live Dealers website can help players looking for the most authentic of casino experiences, providing details of the top places to play which include a live dealer. These can be found for a wide variety of games, offering players the chance to fully immerse themselves in a realistic casino setting. Also provided are details of free bets or bonuses currently on offer, which can add a welcome boost to your live dealer gamer experience.