About Live Dealers

Learn about live dealers and where to play

screenshotLive Dealers provides casino fans with the opportunity to combine the convenience of online gaming with the minute-by-minute thrills found at land-based establishments. The site delves into the world of live entertainment, highlighting the advantages. We also review online casinos containing live dealer games, ensuring that gamers know the top sites to play at.

Live dealers: what to expect

Live card games such as Texas Hold'em Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat allow players to watch expert hands shuffle the deck. The live dealers will also cut the cards, giving players the peace of mind that their game is managed by a professional. What's more, the immediate action gives online gamers a chance to enjoy the suspense and thrills typically found in land-based establishments as they wait for the live dealers to show the results of the cards.

There are also live dealers available for Roulette and Sic Bo. During the dice game Sic Bo, a player must bet on the outcome of a roll. The live dealer will then throw the dice and gamers wait in anticipation for the results to unfold. For those looking to try out live Roulette, the game is renowned for being a fast and fun online casino experience that offers its players non-stop thrills. During a game, a dealer will spin the wheel, while gamers must watch and wait to see if their luck is in.

Live casino dealers: reviews and deals

This site reviews the online casinos offering live casino dealers, giving each site a score out of five depending on its quality. We will also highlight any sign-up deals and offers that casino fans can make the most of. To help out beginners, there is also detailed information about live dealers and a look at the advantages of this gaming style.

The Live Dealers site also contains a news section which documents all the latest happenings on online casinos and live dealer games. Last but not least, there is a comments section, allowing casino fans to have their say on the live dealers and games that they have recently played on.